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Protective Measures at Manorfield

We will be carefully following Government guidelines regarding protective measures. Along with the procedures described above we will also be:
 Insisting upon frequent handwashing throughout the day
 Increasing cleaning of the building, particularly pupil areas and resources (including throughout the day)
 ‘Catch it, bin it, kill it!’ –we will remind children regularly to use a tissue if needed and the tissue is then to be disposed of in a lidded bin
 Having rules in place for one –way movement around the school
 Pupil grouping – pupils will only mix in year group bubbles that stay away from other year groups. This does mean that children will not be able to play with friends or siblings if they are in other year groups
 Children sat side by side facing forward as opposed to groups or opposite each other
 Realistic approach to contact and distancing, ‘no touching’ approach
 Staff to remain 1m+ apart from other adults and children whenever possible and to avoid close face- to –face contact and minimise time spent within one metre of anyone
 Training for all members of staff around protective measures