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Manorfield CE Primary

Curriculum 2014

In September  2014 a new curriculum was introduced across state schools.  Along with the new curriculum the way pupils were levelled and progress tracked also changed. Schools have been given autonomy to assess and track pupils in the way that is most effective for each individual school. Year 2 and Year 6 will continue to be taught using previous Curriculum objectives and assessed using levels. Please find below details of how we have put the new curriculum into place at Manorfield and how our pupils are now assessed and progress tracked.

‘Life Without Levels’ & the New Curriculum

 -  New Curriculum objectives are chosen directly from Curriculum 2014 and:

The objectives are carefully chosen to ensure full coverage of the objectives within each year group and each subject.

Pupils are assessed during lessons against these objectives and their level of understanding is recorded in bands;

This is recorded on a criteria grid and SIMs tracker. The new curriculum details the objectives that are to be taught and learnt in each academic year. These do not cross across year groups in the way that the old curriculum and system of levels; key objectives are to be taught for each year group. Therefore, due to the new structure, pupils may end an academic year gaining 15 out of 18 (83%) objectives and by Autumn half-term of the new academic year their report may indicate that they have gained 4 out of 18 objectives (22%). This does not mean that they have regressed or forgotten previous learning but means they have moved onto learning the objectives for the new academic year.   

 - At the end of each half-term pupils complete formal assessments in Reading, Writing & Maths.

 - These assessments are marked using criteria sheets that match the Curriculum 2014 objectives relevant to the year group.

 - The criteria sheets indicate which objectives pupils have achieved. 

 - The results of the assessments & class work are used to place where pupils are within their progression throughout the year group objectives (entering, developing, securing & mastery).

National Curriculum information page: