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The aim of the History curriculum at Manorfield is to give children a broad range of knowledge of different periods and cultures across History. They are encouraged to compare and contrast those periods as well as considering the impact they have on our current times. We believe there is a moral purpose to History education and particularly the achievements and follies of mankind, therefore the events and individuals chosen are done so with this in mind. The key concepts that are threaded through the Manorfield curriculum are central to the study and understanding of History and underpin the different units. The consistent focus of history across the school is on people; those who have influenced our world or what it was like for people to live at different times in the past. By the end of Year 6 we hope that children have taken on board the key concepts taught to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the world and that they go out into the world and make a difference in the world for good. 

In Keystage 1 children begin to learn about the past and how it compares with the world they live in. This includes learning about England under Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II as well as the importance of 1066 and its lasting legacy. 

In Lower Keystage 2 the aim is to provide children with a foundation of knowledge about different empires and civilizations in the past; the differences between them and comparison to the 20th and 21st Centuries. Having developed an understanding that social structures, religion, technology, roles etc. were different in the past as well as different across the world during Upper Keystage 2 children consider more deeply the social and human interactions in different cultures and how many resulted in segregation and discrimination of different groups. 

We want children to leave Manorfield understanding that History has not only been shaped by huge empires and powerful leaders but by those who spoke out when others had no voice.






Assessment in History is ongoing and based on individual lessons and units. A feedback sheet is completed at the end of each lesson and used at the end of a unit to assess progress against the National Curriculum objectives. 

If you would like to support your child further at home with their learning in History, the following websites contain information on lots of different aspects of History.





To learn more about Stoney Stanton check out the Manorfield History Detective's page on this link



We believe it is very important that our children understand how the history they learn about links to Stoney Stanton. This starts in EYFS all the way through to Year 6 when they learn about World War II and the soldiers of Stoney Stanton. Our thanks to Alison and Kallum Jackson for sharing the amazing display below with the school.