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Christian Values 

As a Church of England school, Christian Values are embedded at the heart of our community. There are seven values that underpin everything we do. These are: Thankfulness, Forgiveness, Trust, Respect, Compassion, Endurance and Wisdom.  Each year group are ambassadors for their value; learning and teaching others about their value and how we can show it both in and out of school.  These are shared in the following way:


On the 17th January 2017, the children took part in a Values Day to explore what their value means.   We had a fantastic time, sharing our day and what we had learnt in a whole school assembly.  We will continue to learn about the values during assemblies and class work, praising and recognising children’s abilities to demonstrate these values by giving them stickers to put in their communications book.  When your child receives these, please ask and celebrate what they did to earn their Christian Values sticker.




EYFS are ambassadors for Thankfulness.

The children began by talking about everything that they are thankful for, from basic human requirements such as food and our homes, to people that we rely on in times of need, such as policemen or doctors. As you can see from our display we came up with many things as a cohort.

Then the children individually thought about something in particular that they are thankful for, drew a picture and wrote a label or caption to go with it.

On a daily basis we say a prayer before lunch to give thanks for the world and food. We have realised that we have so much to be thankful for compared to others less fortunate than ourselves.

Year 1


Year 1 have created forgiveness balloons, with each balloon showing things we can forgive friends and family for. We talked about how we can show forgiveness and why this is important. We are ambassadors for the Christian Value of Forgiveness and have thought carefully as a year group about how we can help people to forgive.

Year 2


Year 2 have created a trust tree. We are ambassadors for the Christian value of trust and have thought carefully about what makes us trustworthy people.

Year 3


In Year 3, we thought about the Christian value of respect. Our display contains some of our respectful hands. We thought about things we could do, inside and outside of school, to show our value of respect. We also created an acrostic poem about respect. We are ambassadors for this value across the school.

Year 4



Years 4 are ambassadors for the Christian value of Compassion. Children have explored compassion and how we could use it in school. They wrote acrostic poems and also wrote about what compassion means to them.

Year 5


In Year 5 we thought about the Christian value of endurance. We are ambassadors for this value across the school. We learnt about Earnest Shakelton and how he showed endurance in saving his men when their ship Endeavor was crushed in the Antarctic ice, taking 2 years to get home safely. We then created some wonderful thought provoking acrostic poems on endurance & created a fabulous display.

Year 6