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Manorfield CE Primary

Year 4 Trip to Bosworth Battlefield


A Day as a Roman – Year 4 Trip to Bosworth Battlefield – by Harry P 4AS

On Wednesday 25th October, we got to school and sat in our seats. I felt very excited that day. We lined up to get on the coach and got very comfortable. When we got there, I felt happy as I was in a group with my friend. We got into our groups and went to our cabins to put our bags in, my group were in the Eagle cabin.

Next, we went into the Dragon cabin where a Roman slave was and we learnt about all the food the slave would deliver to her master. After that, we played a really fun game where you had to get three in a row. I felt happy for my partner when he won and I felt joyful when I won. The slave’s name was Juliette. Then we moved onto our second activity.

My second activity was four activities. There was dressing up, making coins, pottery and writing with a feather. My favourite one was making the coins. The coins and the feather writing were a bit hard but the rest were easy for me. We will paint the coins after they have dried which takes 24 hours. Then we moved onto our final activity.

The last activity was the Arena. In the Arena we learnt about the weapons and armour. When I held the chain mail, it was heavy. The helmet looked a bit funny on me. Then I saw lots of different country flags. Finally, we practised the Roman drills where we fought Miss Skinner and Mrs Draycott.

Then we had to say goodbye and go back to school. It was a great day.