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Manorfield CE Primary

Year 3 Trip to Beaumanor Hall


This week, Year Three have travelled back in time and spent the day being part of the Corieltauvi Celtic tribe.

Being a new tribe member, we were taken into an old Iron Age roundhouse. We learnt that their houses were very small, dirty and dark. However, that did not stop us from having fun and playing Celtic word games, which are very similar to Chinese whispers we play today.

We could not spend all morning playing games as there was lots of work to be done to survive. We learnt to grind grain using a quern-stone to make flour, we practised our weaving skills to make clothe and used lavender and bandages to help wounded tribe members.

Despite living in a hillfort, there was still a potential threat of Romans attacking. Therefore, we enlisted into warrior training. We had to undergo different tasks to practise our speed, agility and aim. Our target was poor Willoughby (the wooden horse), who got hit with several spears as we became super warriors. Once we proved our skills, we began training with swords and shields. We learnt how to defend our tribe and scare the enemies using a frightful ROAR!

In the afternoon, we learnt about the Celtic alphabet and how some letters are similar to ours today and others did not exist. Armed with a map and a Celtic alphabet, we had to trek around the gardens to find and decode Celtic cryptic clues to answer questions.

All the children (and adults) had a fantastic day and did not want it to end.