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Manorfield CE Primary

Manorfield Eco Council on Plastic Waste

Plastic has become so much a part of our lives that we take it for granted. We see plastic everywhere: plastic toothbrushes in our bathrooms, water bottles, carrier bags, plastic straws, sweet wrappers and packaging in our shops and cafes. However, what happens when these plastic products leave us?  Plastics are often improperly thrown away and end up in our waterways and eventually in our oceans.  Plastics release toxic chemicals into the water, trap and kill marine creatures, pollute beautiful beaches and eventually end up harming us.

This term the Eco council have been researching this disaster and presented their findings on plastic waste and in particular how this waste affects our oceans, the birds and marine life that exist within it. On Tuesday 20th March the Eco Council presented their findings to Key Stage 2.  Pollution is causing fish and mammals to become endangered. Fish and birds are eating our plastic waste which is suffocating and killing them

The pupils agreed at Manorfield we all need to commit to eliminate all avoidable plastic waste and pledge to reduce waste such as the carrier bags, food packaging and disposable plastic straws that litter the country and pollute the seas.

Next term the pupils in Year 5 will be working on a Blue Planet project which will include looking at plastic pollution in depth and writing persuasive letters to parliament.

Many thanks to Skye, Teigan, Isla, Poppy and Sammy.