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Manorfield CE Primary

Art Day

Art Day 30.1.18
Manorfield had a very exciting event in January celebrating our continued passion for the arts and showcasing why we are an Arstmark Gold Award winning School. We started the day with a lively assembly where the children were posed the question ‘what is art and where can we see it’ to reflect on throughout the day. Each year group was assigned an artist to be the ambassador for and over the morning explored their life, style of work and recreated a piece of art similar. In the afternoon, Manorfield was transformed into an art gallery and all children took a personalised art passport around with them and visited each other’s classrooms to reflect on what they saw. In KS2, two children from each class remained to be gallery experts; explaining about the artwork and the artist to their peers when they came to visit. I was honoured to be able to visit all the children in school and for me, the answer to the question I posed in assembly is ‘art is the smiles and excitement I saw in the children on the day in question.’ Well done children, you were amazing! 
Miss Eccles